Client Testimonials

See what Joints In Motion Physical Therapy clients are saying...

“The staff and atmosphere is very positive and encouraging. Many times when you think of physical therapy, you think of boring, strenuous activities. However, my time at Joints in Motion was very fun and even enjoyable. The experience I had with Eric especially was very encouraging because of his positive and motivating attitude.”

- Alex N.

“I didn’t realize how effective customized physical therapy could be for treatment of three herniated discs. I was able to avoid surgery and other invasive treatment by going to the excellent PTs at Joints in Motion!”

- Lori H.

“Eric works with each individual as an individual. He listens constantly to his patients and his sole mission seems to be to improve each person’s health. He will try anything and goes overboard to make his service affordable to each client. I’ve never met any medical professional so dedicated to improving each person’s health.”

- Vicki M.

“When I needed rehab after my neck surgery, there was no question I was coming to Joints in Motion. I knew I’d receive the same splendid care and treatment I did last summer after my knee surgery.”

- Paul L.

“I love Joints in Motion because it’s like a social event, but you are cured physically at the same time. Everyone is so welcoming and kind. You can be yourself as you fix your body.”

- Dave S.

“I like Joints in Motion because it is a fun-filled environment. I was expecting to be told what to do and just do it. I was in for a surprise. Joints in Motion made me want to try harder to get better because I liked coming so much. The staff really makes you feel welcome. I couldn’t imagine myself going any place else.”

- Morgan V.

“The therapists are extremely friendly and affable. The exercise equipment and supplies are extensive and useful. The attention given to patients is constant and helpful throughout each session.”

- Andrew S.

“Joints in Motion is a wonderful, first-rate center. Eric Huffman is wonderful, patient, kind, respectful, and understanding in the treatment of your condition. Each therapy procedure or exercise is planned with much thought to obtain the optimal benefit. Eric works with you patiently until you perfect the exercise and is always very encouraging. It is really amazing how he gives all his patients such personal attention. He knows how you are performing. He is remarkable! I am so glad I was led to choose this center: in fact, I believe I was led by God to do so!”

- Linda S.

“I loved Joints in Motion because after my knee surgery, I was nervous about physical therapy, but Joints in Motion made it easy to work hard and have fun at the same time! I feel that the service here is personalized to meet every need of the patient.”

- Brittany S.

“Eric and the staff have always been very professional, caring, and interested in my needs and most importantly provided the help I needed. I would recommend Joints in Motion to anyone needing physical therapy.”

- Gary H.